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Jun 13, Steam Deck Beta Update

More Beta updates and still no sign of the 3.5 official release for the latest Steam Deck Beta channel.


  • Fixed 25-second startup time regression

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed CTRL+A in the library accidentally selecting everything in the window.

  • Fixed artwork modal sizing height based on screen width. This fixes the close button being off-screen on taller images.

  • Fixed a case where closing the login UI would not cause the Steam process to exit.

  • Achievement progress is now correctly updated in the library and overlay UI

  • Fixed some dropdown menus dismissing on hover.

  • For some games that use Steam Datagram Relay (SDR), the In-Game overlay now shows the current ping, packet loss, route, number of active connections, and whether your IP address has been shared.

Steam Input

  • Fixed Gyro to Mouse stuttering when moving the Gyro very slowly (most apparent over Bluetooth).

Remote Play

  • Fixed controller gyro when streaming to the Steam Link app

  • Automatically focus on the PIN entry field when the pairing pin dialog is shown

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