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May 4, Steam Deck Beta Update

Almost 3 days running we have Steam Deck beta updates and it's not a small batch of fixes either, another big beta update is a sure-fire sign we are expecting Steam OS 3.5 to drop soon although this update is mostly for Desktop mode.

In this update:


  • Fixed library artwork not automatically updating in some cases

  • Fixed some formatting issues on the downloads page

  • Made download throttle setting field honor the bits-per-second/bytes-per-second toggle setting

  • Changed default display of download rate to bits per second.

Steam Deck Desktop


  • Fixed issues with navigating forward and back when the client's start page is the Library

  • Tweaked the order and presentation of some items in the account menu

  • Fixed developer, publisher, and franchise links not working in the game info panel

  • LED Personalization now has a dedicated sub-page in the Controller Calibration page

  • Fixed issue where the cursor position would be reset in Game Notes after auto-saving

  • Fixed the file picker dialog not showing any files when browsing for an app icon

  • Fixed the Steam Runtime info dialog not showing any information

Friends List

  • Fixed Friends List Send Trade Offer opening in the system browser

  • Fixed Friends List Add to Favorites / Remove from Favorites not dismissing the context menu in some instances

Screenshot Manager

  • Fixed screenshots failing to upload when certain privacy settings were selected

  • Fixed UI glitch when deleting a local screenshot's caption

In-Game Overlay

  • Added cloud sync status icon to Game Notes dialog. If there's a Steam Cloud conflict, clicking on that icon will display a cloud conflict resolution dialog.

  • Fixed issue with Friends List context menu items not opening links in the overlay web browser (e.g. "View Profile" or "Send Trade Offer")

  • Fixed issue where some dialogs were not appearing correctly (e.g. Invite Friend to Game, Add Friend, etc.)

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