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Use your phone to control your Steam Deck

Now you can control your Steam Deck with your phone. You can send Text Messages, send files, ring your Steam Deck, control multimedia, and get notifications from your smartphone to your Steam Deck thanks to the built-in KDE Connect tools as part of KDE Plasma on Steam Deck. If you want an in-depth tutorial on how to do this, make sure you check out our video guide.

The setup process is simple. If you have an Android phone or an iPhone you have to go to the Google Play store or the Apple App Store and download the KGE App. After that's done you have to then pair your phone to the Steam Deck. That's all you need to do and then you'll get these awesome smartphone features to work on your Steam Deck.

My personal experience with this app has been a positive one, when I began testing this app, I didn't know what to expect. But now after spending time with it,'s something that I see myself using a lot moving forward on my steam deck. Opening up my steam deck and knowing that my phone is always connected to it, simplify things for me. This is an app that has my full recommendation.

With KDE Connect you can:

  1. Use your phone as a mouse

  2. Use your phone as a keyboard

  3. Share files from your phone to your Steam Deck

  4. Grab files from your Steam Deck

  5. Send/Receive Text messages from your Steam Deck

  6. Find your Steam Deck from your Phone

  7. Find your Phone from your Steam Deck

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